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Château Cheval Noir Saint-Émilion grand cru

Château Cheval Noir is the prestige cuvée produced by Mähler-Besse. It embodies a deep attachment to the Saint-Émilion terroir and reflects the company's core values: meticulousness, consistency, quality and modernity. Hubert de Boüard, owner of Château Angélus, has acted as consultant for Cheval Noir since 2011.

This wine has great aromatic richness and an elegance worthy of the greatest Saint-Émilion grands crus.

: Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Grape varieties used: 100% Merlot.
Aging: Traditional. Vat and barrel.
Harvest: By hand.
Tasting notes: This 100% Merlot wine is made with extreme care from vine to vat. The soil is cultivated and ploughed, and highly selective pruning optimizes grape maturity; vinification takes place in new vats, inaugurated in 2008, equipped with the latest technology. Thermo-regulated, gravity-fed vats, vibrating sorting tables, air-conditioned vat rooms: everything works together to get the very best from this terroir.